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Hey if you are a Techno-Lover you are in the right place!!!
Here you can get some basic problem solving codes written in different languages and you can  practice it to have a better understanding with programming.
You will get the support of my youtube channel as well as other most efficient tutorials from youtube.
From here you can get free eBooks on different topics of Computer Science.
Visit my GitHub profile to get explore different projects I have worked on and uploaded there.

So stay connected as I regularly upload some contents that will be very helpful and also informative

About Me

I'm SANDIPAN DAS  a student of Computer Science and Engineering at JIS College of Engineering and I want to share my knowledge with all of you. 

Here you can get all the CS related topics that you are looking for.

Hope this website can help you a lot.

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Stay tuned

Please stay tuned, this website is under development. wait for some days and you will be getting so many amazing stuffs here.

Studing Computer Science  Engineering at JIS College of Engineering

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